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Understanding sexual abusers on a deeper level

Why would adults sexually abuse a child? Victims of sexual abuse at times tend to become abusers themselves because i t feels familiar to them. F eelings of  shame  and  anger , which naturally happen as a consequence of the abuse, can become mixed up with sexual feelings, leading to confusion in the person who experienced the abuse. They make  an attempt to heal  By becoming an abuser, and  try to undo the abuse by taking the opposite, seemingly more powerful, position.  They feel difficult to enter a mutually loving, respectful relationship. Abusers are not only victims of sexual abuse but also physical & emotional abuse. In reaction to experiences of abuse, neglect, betrayal and powerlessness, they may have attempted to find feelings of power and control over others – including sexual power over children. In some cases child sexual abuse is caused by the abuser, during a particular stressful time, like the loss of a marriage or job, bankruptcy, or the death of a spouse, c