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Astrologer atrocities 😈😡😠

Friends I am not against any God nor any particular Religion. I am unaware of the fact if astrology is true or not. But my concern & worry is about people who fall a prey to superstitions, myths & astrologers and suffer emotionally. Sunitha, was my childhood friend & my neighbour. We were classmates too. I recollect the happy days we spent playing at each other’s home. Sunitha's family strongly believed in astrology & had a family astrologer whom they used to consult for every trivial thing. One day Sunitha's mom picked her up from school, on permission. I didnt know why Sunitha left half day from school. After I got back from school I saw Sunitha' s mom crying to my mom & my mom trying to console her. It seems their family astrologer had said that Sunitha will not live very long because of the rays of ' Sani Bagavan' (Saturn) in her horoscope & her 'ayul rekkai' (life line) in her palm was insufficient. As per the guidance