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Dating a man with Personality disorder 😓

Ananya, 24yr old college student, used to all the time whine about her life. She was frustrated most of the time & her issues were never ending. She was in tears every time she met her friends. She was in an unhappy relationship. Her boyfriend never attends to her when she needs him. He was emotionally cold.  He was inconsiderate about her feelings.  He knew ways to use his artificial charm & get things from her be it physical intimacy or money. She was not allowed to voice her thoughts & feelings. She had to blindly follow whatever her boyfriend says. If at all she resisted, he would abuse her verbally. His words were too rude & painful.She used to weep day & night, unable to digest his harsh words. He was impulsive & aggressive.There were times when Ananya used to rush to the police station to rescue her boyfriend, as he used to get into trouble by breaking law. He used to get into physical fights consuming alcohol & break traffic rules. He used to

Secretive Suffering :(

What is wrong in saying that you are depressed when you actually are??? A close friend of mine is undergoing depression. But being a mental health professional I'm not able to help him get treated because he is refusing to seek help. He has crying spells, mood swings, restlessness, loss of appetite, excessive weight loss, sleep disturbance, lack of motivation to work, lack of concentration & self- harming negative thoughts. He feels helpless & hopeless. But struggles hard to wear a mask to the outside world. He started moving away from his girlfriend as he feels she might end up being a burden to him. His relationship is suffering at the hands of his depression. He has complete insight of his illness &Just because I want him to get treated he is moving away from me as well. Most of us feel that going through depression is something shameful. We are more concerned about what the society thinks of us & what people talk behind us. We maintain this so called 'i

My experiences with Psychology :)

Many times as a student counsellor I have experienced situations were parents tell me, that their daughter/son wants to study Psychology but they don't want to let them study, because they think the subject doesn't have scope. In this context I want to share my experiences with Psychology for the past 11years. I feel wherever there is life, there is a need to apply psychology.  I began my Career as a special educator/ remedial trainer in a special school. I had the opportunity to teach children with special needs & remediate them, conduct reading/ writing assessments, offer life skill training & counsel children who needed help.  I was deriving happiness & great satisfaction from my work.  It was fortunate that the school was run by a Psychologist. She used to train teachers on applying psychology in teaching. The school also had occupational & speech therapists. Every year on an average 300 students got benefited from the educational intervention program.