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How to deal with an adolescent in love?

Most of you who have adolescent kids, might get shocked when you know that your child is in love, as you least expected it. But you should accept the fact that your child is growing. My strong request to parents is, kindly don’t frighten your child by crying to her/him or to other family members, thinking that s/he has done something very wrong or put the family prestige down. Don’t embarrass your child by sharing about her/his love to your neighbor or relatives and asking them to advice her/him. There are chances for them to talk ill about the child behind your back. Don’t talk irrelevant stuff like ‘I have spent so much on your education & daily expenses, but you have put me down by falling in love’. You might end up making the child feel guilty. Don’t follow them on social media.   Don’t mess-up things by fighting with the other child/child’s parents (with whom your child is in love with). Don’t threaten or blackmail the child by saying statements like ‘I will kill myself