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Dealing with unemployment during COVID19 Pandemic

This coronavirus has been a game changer for all of us.   Losing a job is equated to the grief of losing a loved one. It can be emotionally painful, but to do so in our current situation of uncertainty, can add additional stressors to our daily livelihood.   ·          First of all accept that your feelings of anxiety are normal. Remember that you're human.  ·          “Some people are going into control mode and trying to control everything. But we have to face facts that we are not in control of our situation as much as we’d like to be.” Says Adam Benson, a New York-based   Psychologist. We need to recognise the elements of the current situation, and find what can and cannot be controlled. And focus on what can be controlled.   ·          We should acknowledge the fact that, we are actually going through a loss. Emotions linked to a job loss may take time to process. Once you realise this, you can be more compassionate with yourself.   ·          Remind yoursel

Dealing with adolescents at home during covid19 Pandemic.

School and college closure has significantly upset the lives of students and their families and may lead to serious consequences on mental and physical health of students specially the adolescents. Having an adolescent restricted to home, during the lockdown might be exhaustive for both the parents and the child, as adolescence period has its own difficulties and challenges. This lockdown period might lead to feelings of boredom, loneliness, sadness, aggression, and irritability towards self, siblings and other family members. They might use the internet and social websites for long hours to escape their emotional changes (mood swings). The uncertainty about exams and its impact on their career choices can worsen the stress due to the covid19 Pandemic. Let us look into ways which could help us to deal with adolescents at home effectively: ·           The first challenge for us could be getting the teen to act in accordance with the guidelines for social distancing. .They d