Dealing with unemployment during COVID19 Pandemic

This coronavirus has been a game changer for all of us.


Losing a job is equated to the grief of losing a loved one. It can be emotionally painful, but to do so in our current situation of uncertainty, can add additional stressors to our daily livelihood.  
·         First of all accept that your feelings of anxiety are normal. Remember that you're human. 
·         “Some people are going into control mode and trying to control everything. But we have to face facts that we are not in control of our situation as much as we’d like to be.” Says Adam Benson, a New York-based  Psychologist.
We need to recognise the elements of the current situation, and find what can and cannot be controlled. And focus on what can be controlled.  
·         We should acknowledge the fact that, we are actually going through a loss. Emotions linked to a job loss may take time to process. Once you realise this, you can be more compassionate with yourself.


·         Remind yourself that many people have lost their job; it has nothing to do with an individual. Know that you didn't lose your job because of some mistake that you made and that it isn't your fault. Everybody is in this boat together
·         Identify immediate financial problems and reduce personal/household expenditure for this period. Keep a check on electricity, water usage and other resources.
·         Try to do more of the things that boost your energy, like playing games, music instruments, writing blogs so on.
·         Spend time online searching for a job. Take lot of breaks in between your search. This will help you be more focused.
·         Understand that things will be tough and changes will be needed until the situation turns normal. You are not the only person in it. We’re all in this together. Embrace the current reality, however difficult it may be.
·         Try to bring your thoughts to the present.
·         Spend time on household work and help your family members. Don’t hesitate to seek help from them.
·         Connect with your sense of self-worth. Look for new ways to realize the contributions you make to the world around.
·         Nurture your ability to stay positive and feel/think from a place of gratitude. Give yourself credit for doing the best you can under the circumstances.
·         Approach a Psychologist/Counsellor if you have severe trouble managing yourself.

Swathi Priya. P
Counselling Psychologist


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