More women are doing phD compared to men. YES

Ponmudi sir yes correct, more women are doing phD compared to men. But I feel there are certain reasons for that. I too was a research scholar. 

Just thought of sharing a few of my experience with my social media friends.

There are a lot of good hearted teachers who are very much interested in their students' welfare. I too teach & I have beautiful colleagues.

But it's not the same case everywhere. A few  professors/guides( both men & women)whom I have met are very rude people. They don't treat research scholars properly. A few will not even offer you a chair to sit, if you enter their cabin. The research scholar has to stand for long hours to even get a signature from their professor/guide. There are some professors who misuse their authority. For example, if that person doesn't like you or have some personal vengence against you s/he will not support you to finish your research on time. Your work can extend for years. 

According to me in most cases women are more tolerant & patient compared to men when other people hurt you or don't treat you properly, though they are skilled & knowledgeable.In certain cases which I witnessed, when a professor raises voice & shouts at you (research scholar), over trivial matters, in front of others, women are more tolerant compared to men. May be they are scared to talk back. It also could be because we women are taught to be silent & not talk back anywhere, even in our inlaws place because most families still think a woman carries the family reputation. Men quit easily because they can't tolerant such things, but most women don't.

The reason I'm sharing this post is that
There is no doubt that today many of we women are educated because of social reformers like Dr. Ambedkar & Periyar.  But I'm still not able to come to a conclusion if Periyar ayya's dream has 
come true or not, thinking about the plight of most research scholars.

Kindly comment if you have seen similar things.

Swathi Priya. p


  1. Swati. Excellent writing .I believe we have come a long way in the progress of women but still not enough to say that women are finally treated on par with men in many fields.

  2. Yes absolutely true dr.ambetkar and Periyar is thr main reason

  3. But most of the benefitted failed to celebrate ambetkar and Periyar.


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