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More women are doing phD compared to men. YES

Ponmudi sir yes correct, more women are doing phD compared to men. But I feel there are certain reasons for that. I too was a research scholar.  Just thought of sharing a few of my experience with my social media friends. There are a lot of good hearted teachers who are very much interested in their students' welfare. I too teach & I have beautiful colleagues. But it's not the same case everywhere. A few  professors/guides( both men & women)whom I have met are very rude people. They don't treat research scholars properly. A few will not even offer you a chair to sit, if you enter their cabin. The research scholar has to stand for long hours to even get a signature from their professor/guide. There are some professors who misuse their authority. For example, if that person doesn't like you or have some personal vengence against you s/he will not support you to finish your research on time. Your work can extend for years.  According to me in most cases women are m