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Why do we need A Psychologist/ Counsellor ?💆

On a day to day basis all of us face lot of difficulties & problems which we are not able to share or discuss with people around us.  We don't know how trusted our relative or colleague is. How effectively they can guide us is again a question. So here comes the need for seeking professional psychological help. We need to meet a Psychologist/Counsellor. A qualified Psychologist/ Counsellor has masters in Psychology & is well trained in providing counselling, guidance & psychotherapy. The first ethic in counselling is maintaining confidentiality & safe guarding identity of the person seeking help. What sort of issues does a Psychologist/ Counsellor deal with? In schools & Colleges: * Emotionally unhappy children from a very young age start displaying behavioural & academic problems. This might be due to struggles in basic foundation i.e their family. Their parents might be going through marital disharmony or separation or even death of spouse, whi