Why do we need A Psychologist/ Counsellor ?💆

On a day to day basis all of us face lot of difficulties & problems which we are not able to share or discuss with people around us.  We don't know how trusted our relative or colleague is. How effectively they can guide us is again a question. So here comes the need for seeking professional psychological help. We need to meet a Psychologist/Counsellor.

A qualified Psychologist/ Counsellor has masters in Psychology & is well trained in providing counselling, guidance & psychotherapy. The first ethic in counselling is maintaining confidentiality & safe guarding identity of the person seeking help.

What sort of issues does a Psychologist/ Counsellor deal with?

In schools & Colleges:

* Emotionally unhappy children from a very young age start displaying behavioural & academic problems. This might be due to struggles in basic foundation i.e their family. Their parents might be going through marital disharmony or separation or even death of spouse, which has a great impact on the child. A Psychologist/ Counsellor plays a role in helping the child deal with the trauma he/ she is going through. Young children cannot open up through words to the psychologist/counsellor so a trained professional uses art & stories to enable them vent emotions & deal with such trauma.
*Adolescence by itself is a crucial period in a persons life. Adolescents have difficulty handling the frequent physical & psychological changes they go through. They need support & guidance as they are going through identity formation. Adolescents today have exposure to too many resources & if not guided properly at home tend to get into unhealthy friendships, smoking, substance abuse &  porn-addiction so on. Love break-up is a big challenge adolescents face today. Unknowing to deal with such emotional trauma some children even end up their life. A Psychologist/Counsellor helps the adolescents deal with the emotional trauma & stress he/she goes through by creating awareness of his present state, creating healthy habits & provides proper guidance on problem solving strategies. This enables the individual to shape into a better person.

* Education itself is a big stressor for both school & college students. A Psychologist/ Counsellor helps the student set goals, make a study schedule , overcome hindrances using strengths develop coping mechanisms & problem solve. A Psychologist/ Counsellor also provides Career counselling i.e creating awareness to students about their aptitude, interest & personality & enable them chose a career path.

* Parents also have lot of concerns on dealing with their children. A Psychologist/ Counsellor provides guidance on effective parenting styles & developing healthy relationship with their kids.

In Hospitals & Public Health Service:

* A Psychologist/ Counsellor counsels inpatients/ outpatients & provides health guidance. In case the patient is treated for a dreadly disease like cancer or auto-immune disease, a Psychologist/ Counsellor provides mental support for the patient & their care givers as well.

* In psychiatric hospitals & de-addiction centres lot of support needs to be given to patients to get their coperation for treatment, conduct assessments & guide their care givers on how to help the patients
deal with the whole process of rehabilitation.

In court, police station/prisons :

* Courts employ Psychologist/ Counsellor to counsel clients who apply for marital divorce. The couple are counseled & are encouraged to speak about ways of repairing their broken relationship, discussing both positives/ negatives of their relationship. In cases where both partners decide to part, the Psychologist/ Counsellor facilitates smooth discussion over their separation. The main task of the Psychologist/ Counsellor is to provide emotional support & enable the client think cognitively.

* A Psychologist/ Counsellor in prison works on rehabilitating prisoners to enable them function as mentally healthy individuals in the society.

In workplace/ office/ corporates:

* People face lot of difficulties in work place unknowing how to deal with issues with higher authorities & colleagues. The job itself can be stressful to employees who are unable to complete tasks & reach targets. The Psychologist/ Counsellor helps them focus on his/her strengths, teaches assertive ways of communication, negotiation skills & time management.

*In NGOs for children/women/transgenders under privileged communities :

A Psychologist/ Counsellor works on issues like child abuse, sexual harassment, physical abuse, domestic violence & emotional trauma caused due to segregation in the society, by providing them coping strategies to deal with life and empower individuals.

In Private clinics:

* In case a Psychologist/ Counsellor is not available at the institution where you study or work, we can approach a Psychologist/ Counsellor's private setup where we can discuss our personal & professional problems & seek guidelines on handling problems effectively.

The process of counselling is not advice giving but enabling the individual take a decision for himself by creating awareness of his strengths & weakness and making a thorough analysis of his/her situation.

Thus a Psychologist/Counsellor has a role to play in all walks of life.


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