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Your child interacting with children of the opposite gender is part of healthy growing.

Should we segregate students on the basis of gender(paalinam) ? Many schools & colleges in our Country, in the name of culture & discipline (ozhukam) don’t allow boys & girls to mingle with each other. They can’t talk to each other, in the institution premises/campus . In certain institutions students can’t use the same corridor & staircase . Students are viewed even in the school/college bus through cameras to ensure that they don't speak to the opposite gender. Disciplinary action is taken against the ones who do not follow these rules. We shouldn’t segregate students on the basis of gender, from childhood itself . Your child interacting with children of the opposite gender is part of healthy growing.  Students who grow up with a mixed gender group develop mutual respect for each other. If a boy child and girl child, are close friend, they will treat each other well from the beginning. It paves way for a male child to know what a girl goes through,

A very disturbing incident of sexual harassment

‘Ungaluku vandha ratham adithavanuku vandha thakali chutney ah?’ Dear friends I want to share a very disturbing incident with you which happened yesterday. Myself and my husband were travelling by train from Chennai to Coimbatore. A youngster was seated before us and was very busy with his mobile phone. My husband by chance noticed him taking pictures and videos of the woman who was seated on the left side, and showed what this guy did to me. That woman was sitting along with her 2 little children. She dozed off in sometime. This guy took note of it and started zooming and recording her, through his cell phone camera as her saree moved a little away. My husband immediately raised his voice and questioned that guy on what he was doing.   That guy couldn’t face my husband and he rushed into the restroom. My husband alerted the woman and others about this guy’s behavior. There were many other men seated next to us. As soon as this guy came out of the restroom that woman, myself and