A very disturbing incident of sexual harassment

‘Ungaluku vandha ratham adithavanuku vandha thakali chutney ah?’

Dear friends I want to share a very disturbing incident with you which happened yesterday.

Myself and my husband were travelling by train from Chennai to Coimbatore. A youngster was seated before us and was very busy with his mobile phone. My husband by chance noticed him taking pictures and videos of the woman who was seated on the left side, and showed what this guy did to me. That woman was sitting along with her 2 little children. She dozed off in sometime. This guy took note of it and started zooming and recording her, through his cell phone camera as her saree moved a little away.

My husband immediately raised his voice and questioned that guy on what he was doing.  That guy couldn’t face my husband and he rushed into the restroom. My husband alerted the woman and others about this guy’s behavior. There were many other men seated next to us. As soon as this guy came out of the restroom that woman, myself and my husband cornered him, we wanted to handover this guy to the railway police. By now that guy had already deleted the pictures/videos he had taken, probably this was the reason he escaped to the restroom. He couldn’t face us and was unable to justify what he did. He slowly slipped out and got down from the train.

I got so furious and annoyed, on why all the other people sitting along with us never came to protect the woman nor raise their voice while all this happened. None of them came forward to question that guy. All of them infact have families.

After that guy got down from the train, they started talking about the guy’s bad behavior, women safety blah blah blah…. Such a shame on them. If a mistake takes place in your presence, and you pretend to ignore it, it means that you too are taking part in it.

This is completely an incident of sexual harassment. What much of self help can she do, she is travelling with two little children. All those men who were dumb, when the helpless woman was in trouble are also culprits. According to me they are equally as bad as the guy who harassed her.

I have met a lot of gentlemen, who are protective of woman and children in my work place and personal life too. Yes they do exist. But there are such socially irresponsible and cold people too. Only if all of us change our attitude and raise voice against such crimes, the number of crimes against women will come down.

I specially want to mention about a person in the above narrated incident who went and stood next to his wife to safeguard her, when the whole incident took place.

‘Ungaluku vandha ratham adithavanuku vandha thakali chutney ah?’

Swathi Priya. P




  1. Great job. Every men has to come forward like this to protect women.


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