Adolescents in love- dealing strategies for parents

  Most of you who have adolescent (pathin paruvathinar) kids, might get shocked when you know that your child is in love, as you least expected it. Whatever said & done. You should accept the fact that your child is growing up. What are few things you should do? 1.Don’t frighten your child by crying to her/him or to other family members, thinking that s/he has done something very wrong or put the family prestige down. 2.Don’t embarrass your child by sharing about her/his love to your neighbor or relatives and asking them to advice her/him. There are chances for them to talk ill about the child behind your back. 3.Don’t talk irrelevant stuff like ‘I have spent so much on your education & daily expenses, but you have put me down by falling in love’. You might end up making the child feel guilty. 4.Don’t follow them on social media.   5.Don’t mess-up things by fighting with the other child/child’s parents (with whom your child is in love with). 6.Don’t threaten or

What is Career Counselling for school students?

Career counselling  for school students will help your child to take a decision on what group (subjects) to choose in std 11 & which course to go for after 12thstd. We need to start preparing your child to think about his career goals from std 9 itself, for career choice. What will happen in career counselling? Career counsellor will talk to the student about themselves- their strengths, blindspots, special abilities, their dreams- & establish a good rapport. Take up career assessments (paper pencil work): 1.Know your aptitude (knowledge), 2.what you are interested in?- your child must first know what s/he interested in & 3.what kind of career suites your personality.(every person is different- introverts (sit separately & work, in laptop or in research- book reference) some are extroverts(want lot of people around, out going, indulge in teamwork& some people like travelling a lot). Discuss the test scoring. Parents too can discuss. Career counsellor

More women are doing phD compared to men. YES

Ponmudi sir yes correct, more women are doing phD compared to men. But I feel there are certain reasons for that. I too was a research scholar.  Just thought of sharing a few of my experience with my social media friends. There are a lot of good hearted teachers who are very much interested in their students' welfare. I too teach & I have beautiful colleagues. But it's not the same case everywhere. A few  professors/guides( both men & women)whom I have met are very rude people. They don't treat research scholars properly. A few will not even offer you a chair to sit, if you enter their cabin. The research scholar has to stand for long hours to even get a signature from their professor/guide. There are some professors who misuse their authority. For example, if that person doesn't like you or have some personal vengence against you s/he will not support you to finish your research on time. Your work can extend for years.  According to me in most cases women are m

Your child interacting with children of the opposite gender is part of healthy growing.

Should we segregate students on the basis of gender(paalinam) ? Many schools & colleges in our Country, in the name of culture & discipline (ozhukam) don’t allow boys & girls to mingle with each other. They can’t talk to each other, in the institution premises/campus . In certain institutions students can’t use the same corridor & staircase . Students are viewed even in the school/college bus through cameras to ensure that they don't speak to the opposite gender. Disciplinary action is taken against the ones who do not follow these rules. We shouldn’t segregate students on the basis of gender, from childhood itself . Your child interacting with children of the opposite gender is part of healthy growing.  Students who grow up with a mixed gender group develop mutual respect for each other. If a boy child and girl child, are close friend, they will treat each other well from the beginning. It paves way for a male child to know what a girl goes through,

A very disturbing incident of sexual harassment

‘Ungaluku vandha ratham adithavanuku vandha thakali chutney ah?’ Dear friends I want to share a very disturbing incident with you which happened yesterday. Myself and my husband were travelling by train from Chennai to Coimbatore. A youngster was seated before us and was very busy with his mobile phone. My husband by chance noticed him taking pictures and videos of the woman who was seated on the left side, and showed what this guy did to me. That woman was sitting along with her 2 little children. She dozed off in sometime. This guy took note of it and started zooming and recording her, through his cell phone camera as her saree moved a little away. My husband immediately raised his voice and questioned that guy on what he was doing.   That guy couldn’t face my husband and he rushed into the restroom. My husband alerted the woman and others about this guy’s behavior. There were many other men seated next to us. As soon as this guy came out of the restroom that woman, myself and

Handling working-from-home stress, during the covid19 pandemic

Working from home can definitely be appealing as there is no dress code, no close supervision, no travel time, and the freedom to decide where you work. Although employees who work from home may experience more of a difficulty, when it comes to setting boundaries between work and personal life. Work-from-home employees may struggle more with freeing themselves and ending their work day, compared to work in an office setting. Challenges professionals face, include adapting to new technologies, like audio and video- conferencing. At home, you have certain comforts that tempt you to indulge in. For instance, if you have a boring interaction with a client, in an office setting you just have to move with it and get on with your workday. But If you work from home, you can actually withdraw and go watch TV or play video games until you feel better. You may also experience many challenges, if you have children and elders at home. Depending on the age of your kids, you may need to deal

Dealing with Phobias

 A phobia is an irrational fear of something that will actually not cause. The word itself comes from the Greek word phobos, which means fear or horror. When someone has a phobia, they experience intense fear of a certain object or situation. Phobias are different than regular fears because they cause significant distress, interfering with daily life routine of the individual. Ramani 52yr old house wife, (name and other details changed due to confidentiality) visited a psychiatric hospital with complaints of intense fear of closed places like locked windowless rooms, lift in showrooms, malls and also crowded bus, party/marriage halls, driving on congested road so on. She used to look for the exit door in every crowded space, she enters and stand near it. She had severe fear undergoing a MRI or CT scan too. Ramani was diagnosed with claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is a situational phobia triggered by an irrational and intense fear of confined or crowded spaces. People with phobia