Dating a man with Personality disorder 😓

Ananya, 24yr old college student, used to all the time whine about her life. She was frustrated most of the time & her issues were never ending. She was in tears every time she met her friends. She was in an unhappy relationship.

Her boyfriend never attends to her when she needs him. He was emotionally cold. He was inconsiderate about her feelings. He knew ways to use his artificial charm & get things from her be it physical intimacy or money.

She was not allowed to voice her thoughts & feelings. She had to blindly follow whatever her boyfriend says. If at all she resisted, he would abuse her verbally. His words were too rude & painful.She used to weep day & night, unable to digest his harsh words.

He was impulsive & aggressive.There were times when Ananya used to rush to the police station to rescue her boyfriend, as he used to get into trouble by breaking law. He used to get into physical fights consuming alcohol & break traffic rules. He used to borrow money from people & fail to return it . When they demand their money back he used to threaten them.

Every time she wanted to walk out of the relationship, he would give her suicidal threat. He also indulged in self- harming behavior like cutting his hands and legs, if she questioned him. He had no clear cut plans for his future, be it his personal or professional life, though he was in his thirties.

What was the problem in Ananya's life? Ananya chose a wrong person as her partner. What was wrong with him? Yes, Ananya's boyfriend is a typical example of anti-social Personality disorder.

This article is to create awareness about Personality disorders. A proper diagnosis of Personality disorders can be made by Clinical Psychologists/Psychiatrists. Psychologists/psychotherapists in association with Psychiatrists are the best people to intervene. Mental health professionals also need to work with the patient's family & their care givers to educate them on mental illness & provide emotional support as they might already be going through a tough time dealing with the patient.

Swathi Priya. P
Counselling Psychologist



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