My experiences with Psychology :)

Many times as a student counsellor I have experienced situations were parents tell me, that their daughter/son wants to study Psychology but they don't want to let them study, because they think the subject doesn't have scope. In this context I want to share my experiences with Psychology for the past 11years. I feel wherever there is life, there is a need to apply psychology. 
I began my Career as a special educator/ remedial trainer in a special school. I had the opportunity to teach children with special needs & remediate them, conduct reading/ writing assessments, offer life skill training & counsel children who needed help. I was deriving happiness & great satisfaction from my work. 
It was fortunate that the school was run by a Psychologist. She used to train teachers on applying psychology in teaching. The school also had occupational & speech therapists. Every year on an average 300 students got benefited from the educational intervention program.
All over the world we do have millions of kids seeking special help. Psychology is an unavoidable subject of study & application in this sphere.
My 2nd venture was in the field of Psychiatric rehabilitation. I worked in a Psychiatric hospital. My role here was to conduct Psychometric assessments for patients & counsel them & their care givers. I had the opportunity to work with senior psychiatrists, clinical psychologists & social workers. On an average every year 2000 to 3000 patients with psychiatric disorders & alcohol /drug/substance abuse got treated in the hospital. This could not been possible without Psychology. The subject has also provided employment opportunities for all of us. 
Later I worked at a University as a guest Lecturer for Life skills department, teaching developmental psychology & peer education. I was as a soft skill trainer too. There were other research scholars who worked on offering training for employees in different spheres; teachers, police officers, prisoners, lawyers, IAS officers, corporates etc., to work on self-improvement. 
I did work with a corporate organisation as a counsellor. My role was to counsel employees, to help people deal with stress due to various factors like family problems, marital disharmony, financial difficulties, interpersonal relationship issues with colleagues, health problems so on & enable them give better performances at work. 
I  had worked for an NGO where counsellors/social workers were deputed to various educational institutions to conduct psychological training programmes & counselling. Every child needs support & guidance through out their life. In order to provide for them we need to have understanding of their Psychology. 
I also worked with school students as a career counsellor. My role was to enable students, to find their career path, by knowing more about their skills, interest & personality and also provide information about the world of work around them. I also taught Psychology for Humanities students (higher secondary).  
Thus psychologists/ counsellors have an important role to play in building a Nation, by touching every sphere's of life, transforming thousands/lakhs of people. 

          There was a lot of learning for me from my clients & students. My experiences were life                           transforming on a professional & personal level. 

I wish nature continues to supports me in my future endeavors. I run my private practice now.  
I made an attempt to write about my experiences with Psychology to provide a view about the role & scope of Psychologists in various areas, from my limited knowledge. Hope this will be of some help to Parents, teachers & students.

          Swathi Priya.P


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