Astrologer atrocities 😈😡😠

Friends I am not against any God nor any particular Religion. I am unaware of the fact if astrology is true or not.

But my concern & worry is about people who fall a prey to superstitions, myths & astrologers and suffer emotionally.

Sunitha, was my childhood friend & my neighbour. We were classmates too. I recollect the happy days we spent playing at each other’s home. Sunitha's family strongly believed in astrology & had a family astrologer whom they used to consult for every trivial thing.

One day Sunitha's mom picked her up from school, on permission. I didnt know why Sunitha left half day from school. After I got back from school I saw Sunitha' s mom crying to my mom & my mom trying to console her. It seems their family astrologer had said that Sunitha will not live very long because of the rays of ' Sani Bagavan' (Saturn) in her horoscope & her 'ayul rekkai' (life line) in her palm was insufficient. As per the guidance of their astrologer they conducted a 'homam' (ritual) at home, at midnight & on the same occasion they also changed her name to Revathi (27 th star in Hindu astrology). Sunitha was hardly aware of all this. We were 6 or 7yrs old then.  It took a week’s time for her to get back to school. She missed classes & had to copy all the missed notes.

The school refused to accept her name change & thereby she remained 'Sunitha' in school.

I can recollect, even to pay her fee for board exams Sunitha' s uncle (astrology student)  had given her an auspicious date & time.

Sunitha's family changed their astrologer after few years as her father felt that the suggestions of their astrologer was not helping his business growth.

Sunitha & myself were science students. After 12th Std Sunitha wanted to study microbiology, but had to choose  computer science because her new astrologer said that she will only shine in a field which deals with electrical devices. Sunitha wanted to study MBA later but her family made her try something new this time. Her uncle took her to a famous temple, took blessings from a Poojari (temple priest) & asked him to pick a paper chit from the chits on which he wrote different PG courses which their astrologers suggested. That’s how she ended up joining MCA, which she was least interested in.

She wanted to start her own business but again she was stopped by her astrologer. He told her family that the position of 'Surya graham' (planet Sun) is neecham (depleted) in her horoscope & she can’t run a business on her own. She should work only as an employee for someone.

Now the present situation is that, Sunitha being in middle age is  unemployed & unmarried.

She was pressurized to follow whatever her family decided taking guidance from astrologers. Due to lack of interest she did not develop her aptitude & skills in her career. Moreover her career decisions were taken by their astrologer & temple priest.

In connection to her marriage again different astrologers suggested too many things.  Every suitable groom's horoscope on matrimony site was scrutinized by 3 or 4 different astrologers & rejected most of the grooms with a good profile, who expressed interest, on the matrimonial.

Now their current family astrologer said that Sunitha hasn't received 'guru paarvai' (rays of planet Jupiter) & 'Sukra dasa' (period of Venus) is yet to come. Astrologers suggested to do Parigarams (remedies) for planets/ deities at temples. Sunitha did 'Ragu pooja' at Sri Kalahasti temple, 'Samudra snanam' at Thiruchendur temple, 'Shiva-Parvathi kalyanam'  at Agatheswarar temple went on 'Girivalam' at Thiruvanamalai temple, 'Kalyana maalai prarthanai' at Nithyakalyana Perumal temple.

Many more to come her way....................

I feel very sorry for Sunitha for the all the emotional suffering she went through & is continuing to go through. She remained passive all through her life. As a child she listened to her family members because she had no other option or choice. She was innocent & ignorant then, but atleast she could have stood for herself in choosing her career when she became an adult. Though I spoke to her several times she didnt find strength to fight for herself. Her biggest fear was rejection & isolation by her family which is still keeping her passive & inactive.

Instead of believing in astrologers , if Sunitha & her family had believed in her abilities her life would have been productive & successful. This moment if Sunitha turns back & looks at her life she could see only unhappiness & emotional struggles throughout her life. 

How much of mental agony she would have gone through as a child because of superstitions & astrologers ???

This long trauma has caused her depression. She is suffering due to lack of confidence & self esteem. She believes that her life is a failure & nothing much can be done to reconstruct her life. 

Can astrologers take responsibility for causing this to her???

Analysing her life events, whatever the astrogers suggested till date did not work. All their astrologers had been paid a huge amount of money for every consultation, homam & parigaram they did. Who is the loser now???

Friends let us not get carried away by the words of astrologers.

Trust in yourself. You can be your best friend as well as worst enemy.

(name and other few details changed for confidentiality reasons)

Swathi Priya. P

Counselling Psychologist



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