Fighting loneliness

All of us would have felt lonely once in a while. We feel so when we are physically alone. We also feel so being in the midst of people. It depends on our state of mind. Whatever be the reason for our loneliness, we need to understand that prolonged loneliness is not healthy to us, as man is a social being. It can get us sick.

Here are few ways in which we can fight loneliness.

We can start talking to people in our immediate circle. Say for instance you live in an apartment, you can strike healthy conversations with your neighbors, go for a walk together, share cooking/gardening/parenting tips, you can invite them for coffee once in a while & vice versa.
We can spend some time for those in need. We don't have to go out of our way to do things for people, but the most valuable thing, we can give others our time. We can telephone or meet our relative/friend suffering from physical ailment or emotional problems, to provide moral support by listening to them. We can also say some healing/positive words to boost them up. This would be of great help to them.
We can pick up a hobby. Most of us in our childhood would have had a dream career, but we ended up doing something else. This lonely time can be a precious time, where we can do something related to our dream career. For instance a friend of mine wanted to study English literature but happened to do B.E & is a housewife now. She has joined an online literature course. She reads books & writes articles for magazines as a hobby.
We can make some time for us for self-grooming. We can either visit a beauty saloon/parlor or prepare beauty packs at home & try them out. It would be fun & entertaining to try it along with a friend.
We can join physical activities like yoga/ gym/ aerobics/sports/ swimming/martial arts. There is a strong connection between our body & mind. The work we do physically has an impact on our mental wellness.
We can learn to play a musical instrument. There is nothing as blissful as learning to play your favorite musical instrument. Music can have an excellent healing & soothing effect.

All these are few suggestions which came to my mind as I was helping a friend, fight loneliness.Most of the above stated ways are followed by me too.

'An idle mind is a devils workshop.' Let us promote mental wellness by fighting loneliness.

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