Dealing with love-break up cognitively

Kushi, 26yr old Lecturer went through a love breakup 6 months back. She took guidance from a mental health professional to deal with it. She regularly attended counselling sessions for 3 months.
The counsellor empathised with her & enabled her vent out emotions. Kushi had to spend half an hour a day for emotional venting i.e. she had to maintain a journal where she could express her pain through art, paint, writing ( poem/story).

Kushi was unable to focus on teaching, though it was her passion. Her confidence went down. The counsellor suggested Kushi to make weekly lesson preparation plans, for herself & would regularly supervise it. She encouraged Kushi to try new methodologies in teaching & establish healthy connection with her students. She also helped her find workshops on effective teaching & personality enrichment programs, enabling her to divert her focus on her career.

She encouraged Kushi to find a support group to talk to whenever she was in distress, bothered with thoughts about her failed Love. This support group was a small group of friends who were trustworthy, genuine, reliable and had also gone through a love breakup & overcame it.

She had to listen to music (songs without lyrics) as a daily task.

It was a tough phase for Kushi. She cried a lot and dealt with it , imbibing lot of strength.

Now, after a span of 6 months Kushi totally recovered from trauma. She is doing great in her career & is also getting engaged to a gentleman of her parent's choice.

Love is a beautiful feeling. But it can also be the most painful feeling when it breaks. In case we happen to face such a challenge in life, we need to equip ourselves with effective coping mechanisms & problem solving strategies. We must focus on our strengths to overcome hindrances & deal with it. Terminating ones life can never be a solution to a problem. Life has a bigger purpose.

Swathi Priya. P
Counselling Psychologist


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