Today's Women :)  

Many spheres in our society today considers women and men equal. Women today have the right to education, work, earn, travel & lead life independently. We have the right to choose our life partner. In case of marital disharmony we have the right to divorce & remarry. Women don't have to face social isolation if she had lost her husband. We are entitled to inherit our ancestral property & manage finances. We can fight legally for our rights. We can create an identity for ourselves.
Women today hold honorable positions in all walks of life -teaching, administration, business, sports, research, medicine, law, army, politics, arts so on.

This couldn't have been possible without the Legend. E. V. Ramasamy, popularly known as 'Thanthai Periyar'. He was modernized in his thoughts, even several years back when women were considered slaves to men. He fought against religious & cultural customs which suppressed the dignity of women.
The breathing space we experience right now was obtained from the breathless protests &struggles for the empowerment of women by such great men.
I reflected these thoughts as I was reading the book ' Periarial' (Tamil) by V. Annaimuthu.

Swathi Priya
Counselling Psychologist,


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