Other concerns during adolescence

Hypothetical deductive reasoning:

Adolescents, thinking becomes more systematic & logical in solving problems. They think of possible courses of action, why something is happening the way it is, and seek solutions. For example a conflict arises between friends, s/he identifies the problem. and plans for the solution by evaluating the outcome.

Imaginary audience:

Adolescents believe that others are as preoccupied with them as they are about themselves. They imagine that people are always noticing them and are observing each & every behavior of theirs. For example a boy who has spikes, is very much cautious about his hair and a girl who uses make-up, might feel that everyone is looking at her.

Personal fable:

Adolescents' sense of uniqueness makes them think that no one understands them or their feelings. For example an adolescent thinks that he has a lot to study, but his parents/teachers don't empathize with her/him nor understand her/his difficulties. To retain their sense of personal uniqueness they might create stories with fantasies around them. These fables are part of their lifestyle.

Eating disorders:

As adolescents become obsessed with their own bodies, it leads to disorders like
i. Anorexia nervosa:
It involves intense focus on thinness through starvation. For example an adolescent girl might decrease  the quantity of rice/vegetables in her diet, to reduce her weight, as her favorite actress too maintains size zero. Such activities might lead to anorexia nervosa.

ii. Bulimia nervosa:

The individual with this disorder follows binge & purge eating pattern. The adolescent  goes on excessive eating (binge) then purges by self-induced vomiting.

Eating disorders are more common in girls than boys. Parents can help children with this disorder by seeking support from a psychologist.



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