Most of us are going through difficulties and psychological struggles during this COVID 19 lockdown. I’ve penned down a few:
1. Increased unhealthy arguments between partners which might lead to a quarrel.
2. The increased household burden for the woman at home as she needs to address the needs of in-laws, husband, and children, day and night.
3.  Sibling rivalry might increase; quarrels among children can disturb the peace of the parents.
4. Increased usage of money, food, water and electricity might lead to additional burden to manage resources at home.
5. Work from home for many people has taken away the happiness of meeting colleagues and friends & having tea shop chats.
6. Increased fear among people about themselves and their loved ones catching the disease.
7. People undergoing treatment for various chronic illness and pregnant woman are not able to get in touch with their doctors, whereas medical shops don’t give medicines without a proper prescription from the doctor.
8. Youngsters might find it really troublesome being locked up at one place.
9. Temporary halt for students to extra-curricular activities like sports, music and dance classes can create boredom and stress.

Effective coping strategies:
We can make our conversations healthy at home. We can use this period to enhance our relationships with our family members. In the conversations which we have, we must reduce finding fault with others and we can think about what we can contribute to making them feel good. We can use assertive statements in our conversations. This practice at home will definitely help us at our educational institutions /workplace too.
Household work should be shared among all the family members. Letting one woman (mother) take care of all work will deplete her physical & psychological health.
Parents with two kids at home can ensure that they emphasize on statements that they love both their kids equally and that both are important to them supported with action. This is might reduce sibling rivalry if it persists.
The Head of the Family will have to pay extra attention to financial management and prioritise needs accordingly. Not to worry much because not only us but the whole world is facing this sort of economic crisis and we are going to face it together.
We can socialize with our colleagues and our friends on the telephone or video/audio calls. We need to help people with chronic illness and others to get in touch with their doctor through telephone or video/audio calls. Pregnant women too need to go for scanning and injections following their doctor's instruction for hygiene maintenance. Similarly, we must also gain scientific information about the Pandemic and follow expert guidance.
Youngsters can create and develop new hobbies like drawing, painting, reading books, writing blogs, listening to music, playing indoor games like carom, chess and watching informative videos like natural geography, wild-life, politics, sports etc, and gardening in terrace so on.
As human beings, we need to support each other in this crisis period and follow effective coping strategies.

Swathi Priya P.
Counselling Psychologist


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