Dealing with Anxiety

Here are top helpful ways to deal with anxiety

·         Understand that anxiety is not your fault:

Our system has been constantly triggered due to the pressures which the world around placed on us. The stress hormone released in our body, is keeping us in a state of fight or flight. This had developed into a state of automatic response and we developed the habit of anxiety.

·         Understanding the way you speak to yourself

We need to take care of our mind, like a parent taking care of a child. Everything that we say to our mind conditions a response of either fear or love depending on our thoughts. We need to be kinder and calmer to this child. By becoming more positive, we are not becoming a new person but we are accessing a part of ourselves that is already there. It is about tapping our ‘Best self’.

·         Recreate your life story

Recreate the way you speak about ‘you’ and ‘your life’ to yourself & others. This is a way to create your own life story. The words we use to describe ourselves and the world around us must be carefully chosen, as it has a great impact on our daily life.

‘You are telling the story to yourself make it a good one!’

·         Visualisation

We need to visualise ourselves going through each day the way we feel, think and behave. Through imagination the body will respond to the images in our mind, as though the event is really happening. Each day acknowledge what was good about the day.

·         Love, care and parent yourself

Shift the power and responsibility from parents to the ‘adult you’.  We need to let go of any real or perceived hurt or pain from the past and realise that we need to feel safe, secure and loved we must cultivate these feelings from within. We need to have full realisation that we are responsible for ourselves. We need to provide love and care for ourselves and this is liberation.

‘You have everything you need within yourself, you are complete and whole.’

·         Stop negative self talk

Negative self talk is an inner critic that affects your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Counter it with positive statements.

·         Start caring for your body

We need to take care of the needs of the body. Keep it healthy. Develop an open relationship with the body and the mind.

(Summary of Article by Fiona Brennan, Mental health expert from Dublin, Ireland.)

Swathi Priya. P

Counselling psychologist





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